Heroes - not just for one day (protect the NHS)

Having worked myself for the NHS previously, I felt so so much for the brilliant NHS staff with covid and the stress and danger they were working in. I also felt helpless, in my current situation, to be able to help. I was and am also concerned that the NHS is already on the way to being sold off and that this was partly why they were unable to access PPI and respond with testing quickly as required in a pandemic.
The fall out is now present with falling numbers of staff, lack of beds and extreme pressure on underfunded understaffed services.
I needed to do this painting and do it reactively and without amendments or changes although I researched and produced sketches in preparation. It needed to be raw.
In bespoke grey blue tray frame.

Oil on canvas
Size 65 x 55cm

Option 2
42 x 29.7cm fine art limited edition giclee print A3