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Artist Statement

Artist using contemporary painting approaches and experimental methods in watercolour and oils. ‘Human Story’ work is included along with impressionist and abstract watercolour and oil work. Underlying her work is concern for a fragile world and fragile lives and her inclination toward jazz and the alternative.

After several years of developing her art practice, Maggie exhibits her work regularly and a number of her paintings have been selected for West Midlands Open 2022 and RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) exhibitions and recently Coventry Open 2023. She regularly sells her work and takes commissions. In order to make her art more accessible she also sells limited edition prints of her work. 

Exhibitions have included work with RBSA, Birmingham Art Circle, United Artists South Birmingham, Purple Gallery, ORT Gallery, The Arches Project, The Artists Workhouse, Artefact, Birmingham Open Studios, Hall Green Art Society. The Art Yard, Core Collective Artists, Cannon Hill Art School, Winterbourne Gallery and Moseley Exchange (solos), Mac Open Project . Six commissions to date.

Comments/ Testimonials


'Leaver’s piece resonates with me in that it takes me back to my childhood sitting in the garden on a beautifully sunny day with my late grandmother and painting beautiful drawings of fairies with watercolour (before mindful colouring was a thing) Looking at this work, Im transported back in time to that summer and theres something quite magical about the piece also. It gives me vibes of ‘Fairytale: a true story’ and just like the beautiful classic film, it is delicate, enchanting and something quite magical.' - visitor to  the ORT  Gallery, having selected this piece ('Immersed' and another artwork as favourite artworks in the exhibition  'Up, Down and Somewhere In between'    November/ December 2021.

'your work is exquisite' Midlands Arts Centre Arts Market visitor November 2021.

‘stunning’ March 2019

‘ethereal’ November 2019

‘dream like’ October 2019

‘Just beautiful’ March 2019

‘Love your work’ November 2019

“I am delighted with the print” November 2019

“it draws my eye and gives me a moment of reflection and relaxation each time I go into my office” October 2019

 earlier ....

  •  "very powerful - best painting I have seen for a while " re: painting 'Tough (Family Carer Series)'
  • " my favourites are Brightening (Sold) and Life Change 2"
  • " have had a look at your website and really liked what I saw, especially the Brightening picture (I like flowers plus colour) and Tough (great emotion in this one) " Julie K.
  • "wow!"
  • " Like your work" The Kitchen Garden Cafe
  • " Love it!" JD (re Brightening)
  • "Love your work" - Lee Benson (No9 The Gallery)
  • really, no I mean i really loved your work (Ian)
  • "I see the sky,the sea , the cliffs ,the waves , the surf . The more I look the more I see . Its like lying on a grassy bank and seeing all of natures elements reflected in the passing clouds above .. I like it. ( Neil Foster )



Birmingham Art Circle
RBSA Friends
ORT Gallery - Member
British Impressionist Society - member
a-n - member
Artists Workhouse - Associate Member
Birmingham Open Studios
Eastside Projects
The Arches Project - member
Birmingham Urban Sketchers - member
United Artists of South Birmingham
Hall Green Arts Society
Art Fund - Member

Birmingham Art Circle 
RBSA Friends
Artefact Winter Exhibition
Ort Gallery members exhibition
RBSA Open and Prize along with Friends exhibitions
Artists Workhouse Autumn Exhibition
The Art Yard exhibitions
ORT Gallery members exhibition
Hall Green Art - Autumn Exhibition
Birmingham Open Studios
Studley Art Trail.

ORT Gallery 'Human Story' exhibition 5 April - 5 May 2019
'Extraordinary' exhibition - The Arches Project by Julie Robertson ! - 30 April 2019
Artists Workshouse Spring Exhibition 2019
Mac Art Markets (Mac Birmingham Arts Centre) (check facebook page for next one)
Big Peg Urban Coffee shop - Jewellery Quarter, Warstone Lane 30 November 2018 - 7 January 2019 
MAC  Birmingham Christmas Art Market 2018 
Hall Green Art Exhibition 3 November 2018.
Moseley Exchange Autumn Exhibition with Core Collective October 2018
Solihull Gallery - June 2018
Several others with Core Collectives - Gunmakers Arms, Solihull Courtyard Gallery, 1000 Trades, Solihull Hospital and with Hall Green Art at Moseley Exchange.
Painting in RBSA Prize exhibition spring 2018
Moseley Exchange - Hall Green Art Exhibition November 2017
Birmingham Botanical Gardens - Edgbaston Artist exhibition July/August 2017
Painting in RBSA friends exhibition 22 July 2017
Painting in RBSA Open exhibition - March/ april 2017 -  'like me and you' - oil on canvas
1 -25 July 2016  -  'colour form feel'  - at the coachhouse gallery, winterbourne house and garden, university of birmingham  - solo exhibition

Moseley Exchange - Autumn Exhibition October 2018
Birmingham Open Studios - Old Print Works September 2018
Solihull Courtyard Gallery with Core Collectives Summer 2018
1000 Trades with Core Collectives - Summer 2018
Blue Butterfly Gallery, Solihull Hospital Spring 2018
Moseley Exchange with Hall Green Art 26 May 2018
Gunmakers Arms with Core Collectives 19 February - 10 March 2018
November 2017 - Moseley Exchange - with Hall Green Art.
July/August 2017 Birmingham Botanical Gardens gallery - Edgabsaton Artists exhibition
rbsa friends exhibition June / July 2017 - waseley blue 2 (SOLD)
rbsa open exhibition until 8 april 2017 - 'like me and you' - oil on canvas
Hall Green Art - Kings Heath Moseley - spring exhibition 2017
29 October 2016 - stall at Moseley Art Market
26 November 2016 - "          "             "        "  
1 - 25 July 2016 - Winterbourne House and Gardens Coachhouse Gallery 'colour form feel' - solo exhibition of artwork - 11 paintings sold. 
Hall Green Art 28 May 2016 - Moseley Exchange
Hall Green Artists - 31 October 2015 Cannon Hill Art School Exhibition - Midlands Arts Centre - 'I'm 25 in my head' - 17 July - September 2015 

  • Royal Birmingham Society of Artists - June 17 - 11 July 2015 - 'Patterns, Colours'
  • Royal Birmingham Society of Artists - Prize exhibition May/June 2015 - 'Hidden(Family Carer Series)
  • Hall Green Art  - February 2015 
  • Royal Birmingham Society of Artists - Friends Exhibition - September 2014 - 'Bliss'.
  • Hall Green Art - Birmingham Botanical Gardens June - 17 July 2014
  • Chatterton Hall. Hall Green Art Society - 10 May 2014 - eight paintings exhibited.
  • RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) - 19 - 29 March 2014 - 'Tough' (Family Carer Series) and 'Glimpse' (Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham)
  • a selection of work in The Kitchen Garden Cafe, Kings Heath, Birmingham
  • Woodbridge Rd Gallery, Moseley (Hall Green Art Society) 30 November - 1 December 2013
  • Royal Birmingham Society of Artists – Friends Exhibition – August/September 2013 – painting selected – ‘Still Life with Bucket’ (Family Carer Series). Medium - watercolour on paper.
  • The Open Project - Midlands Art Centre - June/July 2013 - Rubber Gloves, Bucket, Bottle, Glass, Pills Tissues (Family Carer Series)


  • Course work - Helen Tarr – Midlands Arts Centre ‘Practical 2011 - 2021
  • Cannon Hill art school - midlands arts centre 2015
  • Norfolk Painting School - masterclasses
  • Workshops and demonstrations with Helen Tarr, RBSA, Hall Green Art and sessions with Paul Bartlett and Wayne Attwood have supported extensive self-learning in and around these sessions and courses.